Super Square and Squeaky Clean (assiram) wrote in madison_derby,
Super Square and Squeaky Clean

update on today's bout:

The Fire Marshall has capped Fast Forward capacity at 600 bodies. Come
early if you want to be one of them!

Mad Rollin' Dolls fans have been packin' the rink this season, and we
love them for it. In fact, we're so popular we finally got noticed by
the authorities. The Fire Marshall says we can only let 600 people in
at Fast Forward. That's 600 people total including fans, skaters, and

This makes us very sad because we love each and every one of our fans.
If you already have a ticket for the bout Saturday, April 12, show up
early to be sure you're one of the 1st 600 in the door. If you don't
have a ticket for the bout be sure to get one for finals on May 10!

Because we have to make sure we don't have go over capacity in the
building, we're pulling tickets from all sales outlets Friday afternoon.

We're so sorry. We want to share the joy of derby with everyone in the
known universe. But if you do get shut out, just head on down to the
High Noon for the after party. We'll let you buy us a beer!

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